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The wait node allows triggers to be delayed for a specified time. Combined with set value tasks in run controller task nodes, peripherals can be turned on and after a specified time turned back off again. It also provides an input to clear any waiting triggers given other logic.

Configuration #

At its core, the time the node should wait can be configured. This can be specified in seconds, minutes or hours. Additionally, the behavior if another trigger arrives can also be configured. The first option, Wait in parallel will queue up the triggers and wait for them without influence between each other. This means, given a wait period of 9s, 3 incoming triggers seperated by 5s will result in 3 out triggers 9s later separated by 5s. If Extend wait is selected, for the same scenario, it will result in only a single out trigger after 19s. Effectively, the countdown timer is reset each time a trigger is received if a timer is already running. Finally, if Ignore is selected, the same scenario will result in two out triggers, one after 9s and a second one after 19s. The second trigger is ignored as the wait node is already waiting with the first trigger. The third trigger is then waited for 9s again as the wait for the first trigger has expired.

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