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In order to make the most of the Inamata platform we offer the following services to simplify your on-boarding process as well as customization to fit your needs. This will allow us to create a tailored solution to get your devices connected, contract custom device development or add support for your existing devices.

Our services aim to complement the self-serve usage of the platform which allow you to start an IoT deployment yourself to evaluate the system’s performance. If at any time you require additional help from our side, contact us, and we will make sure that you get the support you require.

solutions engineering - Inamata services

Solutions Engineering

Our team of experienced engineers will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and objectives. We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your existing infrastructure, processes, and pain points.

Using this insight, we design an IoT solution based on our platform that integrates seamlessly with your operations, enhances efficiency, and drive s innovation. Whether it’s optimizing maintenance processes, improving asset monitoring or enhancing customer experiences, our solutions are crafted to deliver tangible results.

Furthermore, our commitment to ongoing support and maintenance means that your and your clients can rely on us to keep the IoT systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Custom development - Inamata services

Custom Development

Using our expertise in IoT technology and software development, we can customize our existing software solutions to your needs.  This includes the firmware, Flasher and web-app.

Whether it’s developing custom APIs for data integration, creating intuitive user interfaces for remote monitoring and control, or adding support for custom hardware peripherals, we ensure that our software solutions are precisely tailored to you and your client’s business requirements.

Training workshops - Inamata services

Training Workshops

Our training workshops offer participants a comprehensive understanding of the Inamata platform, Through detailed instruction and hands-on exercises, attendees gain insight into the platform’s functionalities, mastering its best practices along the way.

Moreover, these workshops go beyond mere technical training by empowering participants to develop resourceful control plans tailored to their specific needs. With a focus on practical application and problem-solving, our training workshops equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive innovation and success within their organizations using the Inamata platform.

Custom hardware development - Inamata services

Custom Device Development

Through our collaboration with hardware partners Iconic Devices, we offer custom device development services tailored to meet your and your client’s unique needs. Leveraging Iconic Devices’ expertise in hardware engineering and our proficiency in software integration, we can create devices equipped with custom sensors and machine interfaces that are optimized to work with the Inamata platform.

Whether it’s developing specialized sensors for monitoring specific environmental conditions or designing robust machine interfaces for precise control, our custom device development solutions ensure seamless interoperability and maximum efficiency. This allows you to deploy tailored IoT solutions that unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Brownfield Migration - Inamata

Brownfield Migration

Brownfield migration is a critical service we offer, facilitating the
seamless transition of existing IoT deployments to our Inamata platform. With our expertise in IoT integration and migration strategies, we ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of data, devices, and workflows from legacy systems to our advanced platform. Our approach involves a thorough assessment of the current infrastructure, identifying compatibility issues, and developing customized migration plans to mitigate risks and minimize disruptions.

By leveraging our proven methodologies and best practices, we streamline the migration process, allowing clients to capitalize on the benefits of our platform without sacrificing existing investments or compromising operational continuity.
Whether it’s upgrading outdated systems, enhancing scalability, or improving data analytics capabilities, our brownfield migration services enable organizations to modernize their IoT deployments effectively and unlock new levels of efficiency, insight, and innovation.

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