Connected IoT Software

Inamata is an open, scalable IoT platform for enterprises and system integrators. See how our IoT software components work together seamlessly to save you time and money.

The web application is split up into sections that handle everything from the devices’ provisioning to their monitoring and controlling.

Device Monitoring

Simplify managing a fleet of devices. Quickly set up new devices and ensure that all are connected. Configure them online and push updates securely. Additionally, organize the data being measured to subsequently simplify creating powerful dashboards.

Control plans

Easily connect inputs with action by using Inamata’s control plans. Poll or set alerts for sensors, sprinkle some logic in to combine data from different sources and then intelligently command pumps and lights connected to other controllers.


Command and monitor your devices. Schedule or manually run tasks to power connected peripherals on and off. This complements the traditional IoT software task of monitoring connected devices.


Visualize data in real-time and create intuitive controls to monitor and manage your IoT systems and devices with ease. Use this and more with Inamata’s integrated dashboards.

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