IoT Platform


IoT Platform

Project Workflow

Bring your Production to the Next Level

Retrofit your existing production line to monitor devices health

With our extensible platform, use custom sensors that measure your machines’ parameters or interface with their protocols.

We provide services to develop solutions from inception to deployment. For a low-cost alternative, use our self-service IoT platform and timely forum support.

Our Services

Solutions Engineering

Allow us to develop and support your deployment with solutions planning and control plan development.

Custom Device Support

Need support for an unsupported ESP32 variant? We can surely help integrate it into the ecosystem.

Brownfield Migration

Already running a fleet of ESP32-based devices in the field? Our brownfield migration tools an services and easy your on-boarding experience.

Training Workshops

Learn how to make the most of the Inamata platform, its best practices and develop resourceful control plans.

Custom Development

Request new features for the firmware, Flasher or web application.

Interested in designing great projects together? Let’s talk to give you and your customers new advantages.

Why inamata

Cloud Solution

Reduce setup and maintenance costs by leveraging infrastructure with visual no-code programming, dashboards, and open firmware.

Designed in Germany

Developed internationally by a team bringing in local expertise. Combined with cloud operations hosted in Europe ensuring data security and global reach.

Open Firmware

Extend existing support for devices by leveraging open-source communities and upstreaming changes to ensure painless upgrade paths.

Robust & Secure

Code to real-life testing ensures a robust system with security provided by encryption and multi-level isolation.


Build on top of the system’s API and consumer data provided by other APIs to create truly connected systems.

Real-Time Data

Stream data in real-time from your sensors into dashboards and control plans to stay up-to-date and automatically command when things go wrong.


Supports building systems that go into fail-safe modes with connection loss and store data locally until a connection is reestablished.

Embedded Systems

Reuse existing products that use supported microcontrollers to deploy hardware in scale without lead times.


Inamata is available in multiple languages to make it easier for you and your team to use. Whether it be German, English, French or Spanish, avoid getting lost in translation.

Moritz Ulmer
Moritz Ulmer
Managing Director & Internet-of-Things Specialist

Moritz founded Inamata to allow engineers to create their own IoT networks by taking out the tricky and mundane aspects. This allows professionals in their field to focus on adding value through their expertise. This is realized through a SaaS IoT platform, open source firmware and versatile WiFi-enabled microcontrollers.

About inamata

An eco­sys­tem to get your IoT idea in­to real­ity

Pain­less on­line device setup and quick graph­ic­al flow pro­gram­ming

Configure your microchips’ attached sensors and actuators online with our desktop and web apps. Coordinate wirelessly between them with graphical flow programming to act on sensed data from various locations. And finally visualize it all in real-time anywhere in the world.

Built on open technologies. Use as a service. Deploy your own

Flash your ESP32, connect your sensors, and that’s it. Build your IoT devices with off the shelf components and integrate it with any device that supports digital, analog, serial, 1-wire or I2C interfaces. No coding required, but Arduino libraries are supported.

Simplify deploying interactive IoT systems

Interactive IoT systems require devices, firmware, servers, control services, databases, dashboard tools, security, and management to set everything up and keep things running.

This overhead prevents many individuals and businesses from taking advantage of the insights and possibilities provided by IoT systems. We aim to make setting up and running such systems quick and easy.

Make Industry 4.0 a reality for all businesses

Connected machinery and workspaces provide benefits from predictive maintenance to novel workflows. Yet the interdisiplinary expertise in setting up and running IoT systems makes it a non-trivial investment.

By providing an approach to not only sense but also interact with the environment with a tailored IoT system we believe we can move the next generation of people and businesses into the 21st century.

Launch with basic all-in-one, expand upwards

Launch a basic product that can handle simple IoT tasks, but already acts as a “batteries included” ecosystem. Expand on the functionality, robustness, and documentation to allow ever more use cases to be addressed.

Cater to free users as well as providing compelling paid functionality to businesses and private users.

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Pilot Deployments

it will solve your problems
“inamata” of minutes

Use our Flasher to connect your microcontrollers to Inamata, configure their in- and outputs online, use our control plan to graphically program how they work together and monitor your sensors in real-time.