Factory Offices Devices Production Systems Warehouse Chemical storages

Factory Offices Devices Production Systems Warehouse Chemical storages


Project Workflow

Bring your Production to the Next Level

Retrofit your existing production line to monitor devices health

With our extensible platform, use custom sensors that measure your machines’ parameters or interface with their protocols.

We provide services to develop solutions from inception to deployment. For a low-cost alternative, use our self-service IoT platform and timely forum support.

Our Services

Inamata is a an open, scalable IoT platform for enterprises and system integrators​​

Why inamata?

Some of our Standout Features

Fail-safe against
connection failures​

Systems that go into fail-safe modes on a connection loss and store data locally until a connection is reestablished.


Stream data in real-time from your sensors into dashboards and be able to submit commands when things go wrong.

Graphical configuration and programming​

Map your activities, workflows and triggers with ease using visual low-code programming.

IoT Solutions

Air Quality Monitoring

Breathing healthy air? Our VOC sensor can alert you and take action

VOC sensors (Volatile Organic Compounds) detect a broad-range of air-borne pollutants from acetone to cigarette smoke. Through their integration into the Inamata platform, view trends and trigger fans.

The sensors are easy to setup as they are wall mountable as well as requiring only a power socket and WiFi connection.

Your onboarding process


Problem Definition

Identify needs / compliance requirements

Finalize scope / parameters


Solution Design

Off-the-shelf or custom components​

Software modifications​

Scale of deployment



Device configuration​

Environment setup (power / WiFi)​

Installation and testing




Verification of results/outcomes

Interested in designing great projects together? Let’s talk to give you and your customers new advantages.

Photo of Moritz Ulmer, the founder of Inamata
Moritz Ulmer
Managing Director & Internet-of-Things Specialist

Moritz founded Inamata to allow engineers to create their own IoT networks by taking care of the tricky and mundane aspects.

This allows professionals in their field to focus on adding value through their expertise. This is realized through a SaaS IoT platform, open source firmware and versatile WiFi-enabled microcontrollers.

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USe Cases & Projects

It will solve your problems
“INAMATA” of minutes

Use our Flasher to connect your microcontrollers to Inamata, configure their in- and outputs online, use our control plan to graphically program how they work together and monitor your sensors in real-time.