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Inamata is an open, scalable IoT platform for enterprises and system integrators.
Diagram showing a system overview of the Inamata IoT platform
Platform Overview

The Inamata IoT Platform

Solving automation and monitoring problems is the mission that drives Inamata’s development. Our flexibility allows us to address a range of use-cases, from industrial systems to building monitoring. Quickly prototype a solution and then roll out and scale it to all of your customers.

Inamata follows through on this mission by enabling engineers to rapidly develop custom IoT systems. It offers open-source firmware for ESP32 microchips, allowing easy configuration of peripherals through our web app. Graphically programmed control plans facilitate managing a fleet of microchips, while intuitive dashboards simplify real-world system monitoring.

Screenshots showing the web app as part of the Inamata IoT platform
Platform Overview

Manage your device fleet from the web app

The Inamata IoT platform provides a web app for configuring microchips directly from your browser, eliminating the need for custom C code, firmware configurations, and server-microchip communication protocols. Configured microchips can sense and interact with their environment.

The platform’s control plans enable orchestration of microchip fleets for coordinated interactions such as starting pumps, measuring water levels, and making decisions based on incoming data. Control plans themselves can be monitored and debugged through graphical programming.

Dashboards offer real-time visualization of sensed data for monitoring systems, with options for quick commands for common actions or fail-safes.

Platform Overview

WIFI-capable Microchips

The Inamata IoT platform utilizes ESP32 microchips flashed with custom open-source firmware, enabling the configuration of peripherals and task execution via the web app. Sensors like air and power sensors transmit data to the server, while relays control motors and lights.

OTA updates ensure bug fixes and new features can be seamlessly delivered to microchips, with TLS encryption ensuring secure server connections. Capability-based tasks enable users to incorporate custom peripherals, enhancing platform flexibility.

Screenshots showing the Flasher app to flash firmware on controllers as part of the Inamata IoT platform
Platform Overview

Easy Setup with the Windows & Linux Flasher App

To avoid the tedious setup of the microchips, especially when many are involved, the Flasher app allows easy registration with the server. It flashes microchips with the latest firmware, configures your local WiFi connections and allows you to name them. Permission setup with site selection is also supported.

The app runs on Windows and Linux and is distributed as a Windows installer, an Ubuntu Snap package and a portable executable as well as being open source. For older versions and other packages see the GitHub page.

Follow our startup guides for quick setup of your IoT system in minutes. For support, our forums provide direct assistance from our team.

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