System Overview

Interface with Reality

IoT hardware devices are the edge with which Inamata interfaces with the world around us. Deploy on the device that suits your needs. Choose from a variety of ones offered by our hardware partners or develop your own ESP32-based device with the help of our engineers.

Take a look at the IoT hardware devices we support below. For more specialized installations, contact us about support for interfacing with your existing control box or sensors.

VOC Air Sensor

Our VOC sensor (Volatile Organic Compound) detects a broad-range of air pollutants. These range from acetone to ethanol to chemicals released in cigarette smoke. Furthermore, the sensor is easy to setup as it is wall mountable as well as only requiring a power socket and WiFi connection.

Norvi Agent 1​​

The Norvi Agent 1 devices allow for flexible integration into existing industrial systems. They offer digital and analog in- and outputs as well as support for digital protocols and switching devices via relays. They are CE certified and have been deployed in a range of industrial settings.

Athom Plug

These smart plugs cover a common use-case of monitoring devices’ power use as well as turning them on and off. Being COTS (consumer of-the-shelf) devices, a large fleet of them can quickly be deployed at affordable prices.


The ESP32 Devkit is the perfect platform to prototype solutions and be integrated into small batch devices. It features most I⁠/⁠O pins broken out to pin headers on both sides for convenient interfacing. Developers can connect peripherals using jumper wires or mount the board on a breadboard for prototyping.

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