Control plans

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Graphical Programming

Inamata’s control plans make connecting inputs with actions easy, the heart of graphical programming. Poll or set alerts for sensors, sprinkle some logic in to combine data from different sources and then intelligently command pumps and lights connected to other controllers.

Thanks to the powerful nodes, most actions can be accomplished with just a few of them. The default behavior is set to make them intuitive, but are easily changed to make then act how you want them to behave.

A screenshot of Inamata's control plans that power its graphical programming feature.

To ensure that all bugs get ironed out, the live state of the control plan is streamed to your browser as well being able to inspect the state of the control plan variables. We are aware that errors can still occur which is why we explicitly add support for handling them.

The control plans are inspired by the node editors found in Node-RED and Blender. Currently our implementation is a no-code graphical programming environment, but our roadmap plans to upgrade it to a low-code one.

Our guides show you the basics as well as common patterns to achieve the results you want. Get inspired by example control plans and if you get stuck we are always there to help you.

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