Industrial Systems

Supporting Industrial Systems

Industrial settings are the main focus point of the Inamata IoT platform. The system’s flexibility allows it to augment existing production lines while also being able to tackle new scenarios such as monitoring air quality.

In addition to sensing the world, the control plan functionality allows it to control signal lights and other devices, setting it apart from most of its competitors. This combination of on-device logic and cloud-level awareness allows systems to be set up with fail-safes while being able to react to data from distributed devices.

The edge devices, based on ESP32 chips, come in a variety of form factors from independent manufacturers. This allows industrial-grade components from Norvi or Industrial Shields to be used that can interface with analog and digital IO as well as protocols such as I2C.

We offer services to integrate peripherals, for both off-the-shelf sensors and custom built devices.

Chemical Producers

As a producer of chemical products a range of input materials of with varying hazard levels are required to produce useful end-products. Ensuring that the inputs and intermediate products stay confined within the mixers, especially when working with high pressures and temperatures, is an ongoing challenge.

Early warning is the best solution, which is why we offer VOC (volatile organic compound) sensors to detect leaks before they become a production or health issue. Together with our hardware partners, Norvi / Iconic Devices, we also offer custom devices at reasonable cost to measure specific compounds.

Fire Protection Systems

Protection against fire is crucial to avoid a small kindle destroying years of work. However, until the protection system has to spring into action, many years can pass since the initial installation. This is why regular maintenance is necessary. We can help ensure your protection is always ready.

Remote monitoring of pump performance and pressure levels during test runs can uncover problematic trends and alert you as soon as safety limits have been crossed. Adding remote access features to you and your customers. In addition, the collected data can be invaluable during guarantee and insurance issues.

Fire protection system

The data collected by the sensors can be viewed in easy to setup dashboards that show device states in real-time. For compliance purposes, this data can also be stored for several years as well as allowing year-over-year trends to be shown. The dashboards can be viewed on mounted monitors, from remote locations as well as on the production floor from a tablet.

On-device logic can be implemented and updated from a browser. This allows changes to be pushed even after systems have been deployed. Cloud-level logic can be created with the graphical control plan editor. This provides a similar interface to NodeRED, MATLAB/Simulink and LabVIEW. Data collected from multiple edge devices can be combined to command others or even call external APIs. For simple problems, simple schedules can be set up to periodically obtain measurements or command an actuator.

On the permission front, the system has built-in site isolation that allows devices and data to be isolated from one site to another. In addition, the system also sports fine-grained permission management to limit the actions unprivileged users can perform while still empowering them to complete their tasks.