VOC Air Sensors

Keeping your Air Safe

Working with chemicals can quickly lead to unsafe working conditions. This is where our VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensors come into play. They detect a broad-spectrum of air-borne pollutants from acetone to ethanol to chemicals released in cigarette smoke. If levels rise too high, we prompt the rooms occupants to take action or automatically activate the ventilation system.

Our dashboards track the air quality levels over months and sites. As a result, they inform you when problem areas are forming and evaluate fixes that have been put into place. Use this information to avoid compliance problems and ensure worker safety.


The VOC sensors are easy to setup. Since they are wall mountable, require only a power socket and WiFi connection, they can be freely placed. In addition, they integrate well with the Inamata platform to allow a fleet of devices to quickly be deployed on your premises. Finally, they can be linked with smart plugs or industrial controllers to automatically take action.

Inamata VOC sensor mk1

We will help you plan your deployment and can also set up the systems in select regions. Alternatively, setup the devices yourself with only a laptop.

Monitor VOC sensorS

Monitor VOC sensorS

Use dashboards to keep an overview of the air quality throughout your premises. Subsequently, use them to see trends developing and compare levels today to those from last year. If they look problematic, take preemptive action before consequences arise.

Follow up on implemented fixes to verify that they actually solve the problem source. Furthermore, this will also help ensure that the fix is does not erode over time.

View the VOC sensors’ data from anywhere. Thereby allowing you to keep an eye on things when away on travels or for sensor deployments in remote regions.

Deployment Costs

The cost of a deployment is a combination of the VOC sensors and an Inamata subscription. For example, a small deployment that does not require historical data storage starts at a one-time price of 199€*. Combined with our free plan, enjoy 2 weeks of data storage and all the other benefits offered at this tier. Furthermore, employ Inamata’s control plan to notify occupants with warning lights or interface with your HVAC.

* Only sold B2B and includes applicable sales taxes.

Alternatively, larger deployments should take advantage of our small or medium plan that will allow contaminant levels to be compared month over month and year over year. This is useful to have a reference of the measured data as well as for compliance purposes. In addition, we will also help you plan your deployment to reach the best result.

Our device uses the industry leading SGP40 sensor that has a long lifetime without requiring recalibration. Technical details to the device itself can be found on its manual page.