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Manage your fleet

The devices section simplifies managing a fleet of devices. It allows the quick setup of new devices and ensuring that all are connected. See their connection state, configure connected peripherals online and receive continuous updates that ensure your devices are secure and can take advantage of our advanced functionality. That is device monitoring made easy.

The section works hand-in-hand with our Flasher desktop app (Windows / Linux) to make provisioning your devices a walk in the park. With a direct-to-server connection, you will not need a gateway device and configure network VPNs to create a secure IoT network.

A screenshot of Inamata's device monitoring web-app page

The add controller wizard takes away any uncertainty with its step-by-step guide. Next, the all-online configuration of the connected peripherals makes in simple while giving you all the configuration options. Map voltages to units to work with data that makes sense. Also, test that everything works, with a simple click. See our hardware page for devices that offer hassle-free setup.

We also offer services in this regard to add support for custom peripherals by extending the firmware. This allows custom sensors and PLC controllers to be integrated that are connected via a bus (e.g., I2C, RS-485) to be used with the rest of the platform. Extending this service, we also offer complete device development with our Iconic Devices partners with whom we have developed devices such as our VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensor.

Organize the data you collect with custom data point types. This makes it easy when creating dashboards and control plans to actually show data that matters. It complements the device monitoring aspect and ties in with the other aspects of the web-app, the tasks, control plans and dashboards.

Finally, let us manage or take control yourself of how firmware is deployed to your devices. Follow the mainline or upload your own customized builds.

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